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Exploring Manila’s Intramuros

Walking along the streets of Intramuros and seeing several well-preserved houses, churces, and government buildings is an experience in itself. A few areas, however, can only be explored for a fee. But last September, an Intramuros Open House was held as part of National Tourism Week, and entrance fees for Fort Santiago, Casa Manila, and… Continue reading Exploring Manila’s Intramuros

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Job hunting reflections from a mental health survivor

I guess you can call me a bit lucky in the past. Landing a job used to be a breeze. But after a hiatus of more than two years as I recover from a mental health illness, things have changed. I could get my foot in the door, but getting hired/selected was a different story.… Continue reading Job hunting reflections from a mental health survivor

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It’s not personal . . . unless your worth’s attached to it

"Don't take things personally." This oft-repeaten advice was discussed by Don Gabriel Ruiz in his book The Four Agreements. A year after I read that book, I have to remind myself of this advice over and over. Especially since recently, I have encountered the following: Someone flatly refused to help me . . . in front… Continue reading It’s not personal . . . unless your worth’s attached to it

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Lessons from Stargirl: Showing up as ourselves, showing up for our lives

Stargirl was the first book by Jerry Spinelli that I've read. Since I graduated from high school, I never really found the time to sit with a fiction book. Until I got hold of a copy of this book. I just couldn't put it down. Stargirl was a homeschooled teen who eventually attended a public… Continue reading Lessons from Stargirl: Showing up as ourselves, showing up for our lives

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Books and materials that taught me why boundaries are important for self-care

One of the first handouts given to me when I began my regular therapy was on BOUNDARIES. At first I did not understand what it had to do with the mess I found myself in. But as I went back to the "real world" after every session, I realized that my therapist was actually empowering… Continue reading Books and materials that taught me why boundaries are important for self-care

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Personal finance and an inner sense of abundance and worth

When I began reading books on finances, every so often I would encounter the concept of abundance and self-worth, and their link to building wealth. For many, the struggle does not lie in developing new skills, because they are good at what they do. It does not lie in earning more, because they do earn… Continue reading Personal finance and an inner sense of abundance and worth

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Manila’s public vehicles going green

Lately, I have been seeing a few e-jeepneys (or electric jeepneys) plying the Cubao-Marikina route. In Binondo, I have also seen several units of e-tricycles. It was exciting to see Metro Manila gradually, but continuously, shifting toward more sustainable practices. The new e-jeepneys I saw did not have the same colorful exterior as the traditional… Continue reading Manila’s public vehicles going green

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“Your inner purpose is to awaken.” ~ Eckhart Tolle

In a previous post, I had covered insights about finding one's life purpose. In this post, I'd like to add one more perspective that boggled my mind because it was SO SIMPLE (well, at least on paper). Reading Eckhart Tolle's book A New Earth felt like going through a spiritual text, a philosophy book, and a psychology… Continue reading “Your inner purpose is to awaken.” ~ Eckhart Tolle

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Retirement: How much to save and where; Philippine PERA Law

Months ago, I read about James Altucher's advice on improving 1% each day on key areas of your life. Since I wanted to increase my financial literacy, I decided to do a weekly post on the topic. (I tried doing it daily, but it was just too much to add to my to-do list.) I… Continue reading Retirement: How much to save and where; Philippine PERA Law

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The abundance within each of us

The importance of developing an abundance mindset was nothing new to me. After reading articles and listening to videos and podcasts, I began listing things I am thankful for in my life. As a way of increasing self-love (instead of listening to the constant barrage of criticism within and around me), I began listing things I… Continue reading The abundance within each of us

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I toured my neighborhood and found … the longest-running gallery in the country

"One of the first things you learn when you travel is that nowhere is magical unless you can bring the right eyes to it." ~ Pico Iyer Despite my being ____, life doesn't end in a period.  This week's discovery is an art exhibit on mental health entitled, "Despite my being ____, life doesn't end… Continue reading I toured my neighborhood and found … the longest-running gallery in the country

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“Celebrate the effort, not the result” – Cathy Collautt

In a previous post, I had mentioned how an interview and free article from Catherine Collautt had changed the way I viewed failure. Her tips did not numb the pain. But these helped me adjust my thoughts and incorporate a new habit that somehow softened the blow of rejections. At the same time, it made… Continue reading “Celebrate the effort, not the result” – Cathy Collautt

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Finance: Exploring Stock Market Investing

I used to think of the stock market as this huge, messy, difficult topic. Well, I still do. But I no longer feared the topic as much as I used to. I began reading books, particularly Bo Sanchez's The Turtle Always Wins, where he discussed the strategic averaging method. I also listened to my friend… Continue reading Finance: Exploring Stock Market Investing

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“Remember your Kipling” – Octavia Spencer

Several times, I have encountered the term Stoicism. I never really appreciated it until of course, troubles and failures came, one after the other. And my head, which til recently had been accustomed to wins and rewards and avoided failure at all cost, could not make sense of my new reality. I no longer wish… Continue reading “Remember your Kipling” – Octavia Spencer

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Inhabiting My Own Life

This entry is a response to The Daily Post's 25 August word prompt: inhabit. I have spent years trying to make others happy, thinking about what others need. I've spent an even longer time daydreaming about the way my life ought to be, or the kind of life that will one day make me happy. But… Continue reading Inhabiting My Own Life

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“Until then, have a day.”

Among the strongest people I know are those who are battling mental health illnesses. And I wouldn't have realized how much courage it required until I had to go through it myself. As I recover, I sometimes ask myself, "How do I describe what depression was like to someone who has never experienced it?" It… Continue reading “Until then, have a day.”

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Loving Mundane Wednesdays

I read an article on Thrive Global about Adam Grant's views on happiness. It was titled Adam Grant: Chasing Happiness can Chase It Away. Until a few years ago, I defined happiness as that state of success--where I am at the peak of my career and every aspect of my life is unfolding as it… Continue reading Loving Mundane Wednesdays

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Naming and defining our fears

The other day, I got a helpful advice from the most unlikely source: my job interviewer. After asking me about some things I've been through, the interviewer had shared with me her own trauma. Then she offered this advice: "Name your fear. Then tell yourself, 'I am bigger than this fear.'" And she was right.… Continue reading Naming and defining our fears

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Exploring and being still

When I began this blog, I had this intention of traveling all over the country, and the planet even, and writing about my adventures. Well, life happened, and it may take a while before I can pursue such a dream. So I'm reimagining this. I will still be a sort of traveler, an explorer, of… Continue reading Exploring and being still

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Starting over late in life

Photo source: Wetmount, Pixabay I continue to be amazed and draw strength from stories of individuals who are forced to start over just when they thought life is going as they had planned. Or to find meaning in their lives even during their twilight years.  So I'm coming up with this list. Some of these… Continue reading Starting over late in life

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The elusive life purpose

Background photo source: Free-Photos, Pixabay I spent countless hours searching for my life purpose, like it was something hidden far away, something SO DIFFICULT to find. I thought it would be found solely by serving a Higher Power, or others. And for a while, I did exactly that. Still, it felt empty. Something HUGE was… Continue reading The elusive life purpose

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Lessons from author Cheryl Strayed

"Don't let your dreams ruin your life."

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Takeaways from Stories (Movies, TV series)

Photo source: TiaLife (Pixabay) As with fiction books, I have come to value movies and TV series not merely for their entertainment value, but as another way of sharing real-life stories and messages. We resonate with the characters because we can empathize with them. We've felt their hurt, their joy, and witnessed some of their… Continue reading Takeaways from Stories (Movies, TV series)

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Living for the Little Things that Matter

Photo by: Pexels, Pixabay One beauty of witnesing your life fall apart is that, in order to get back up, you first let go of the big dreams, the grand visions you used to have. And focus on the little things, the small steps. And one day you realize that these "small things" are actually… Continue reading Living for the Little Things that Matter

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Standing in Your Truth

Photo source: jil111, Pixabay As I was wrapping up my day yesterday, I listened to a TED talk by Jeffrey Marsh, How to be You. Marsh mentions the work of Bronnie Ware, a palliative care nurse who wrote the book The Top Five Regrets of the Dying. Jeffrey shared the number 1 regret based on Ware's… Continue reading Standing in Your Truth

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Comfortable in Your Own Skin

Photo source: lightstargod, Pixabay William Paul Young, author of The Shack, revealed during his interview with Oprah that after hitting rock bottom, there had been a point when he had to juggle three jobs. And he was content. And the novel was written not as part of his "therapeutic process," but during a point in his… Continue reading Comfortable in Your Own Skin

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Following Intuition

I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts, Lewis Howes' The School of Greatness. The talk was "You Already Have the Answer." Prior to this, I was beginning to craft my plans for my next career move(s). People kept saying, "Follow you passion." But my passion for what I used to love is gone. Thing is,… Continue reading Following Intuition

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A Grounded To-Do List

Photo source: kaboompics, Pixabay I love to-do lists. I've always had one for the past 10+ years. It's how I organize my day, my weeks, my months. They were packed with a few fun things, but mostly filled with responsibilities, tasks, chores, meetings, deadlines. But recently I realized, to-do lists can do more than that.… Continue reading A Grounded To-Do List

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Navigating the World of Personal Finance

Photo source: LIOsa, Pixabay Though I have passed my financial adviser exam last 2015, I am not a personal finance guru. In fact, what led me down the road of personal finance were a series of financial bloopers and very costly lessons. And this post’s goal is simply to share some of these lessons. In… Continue reading Navigating the World of Personal Finance

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When “life warriors” surrender

When you've given your all, the only thing left to do is surrender.

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Deep within, do you feel enough?

Photo source: johnhain (Pixabay) I don't think there's anything wrong with striving for growth and wanting to be the best you can be. I just realized that not being good yet at a skill, is not in any way related to my worth as a person. On one of those days when my schedule was… Continue reading Deep within, do you feel enough?

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Transforming our views on failure

Photo source: skeeze (Pixabay) The first time I went through a series of failures, I was 31. Two years later, I am still failing A LOT. I have failed more in 2 years than I have in my 30+ years of existence. When you are not used to successive losses, every failure is like a kick… Continue reading Transforming our views on failure

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“My feelings are real.”

I finally reached a point when I am able to experience my emotions as honest messengers and friends, instead of enemies to be extinguished or kept at bay. Well, at least 25-40 percent of the time. That's a huge leap, given where I began. I grew up thinking it was bad to cry or embrace my… Continue reading “My feelings are real.”

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There’s something about writing

There was a time when I thought I was a pretty good writer. That was back in high school, when the batch population numbered only a few hundreds. When I entered college, one of my friends (whom I knew could write well) was required to take basic English classes. I wasn't required to do the same, so I… Continue reading There’s something about writing

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A Case of Self-Love Deficit

Its been months now since it dawned on me that the depth of my lack of self-love was, well, really deep. Reaching this realization was a downward spiral, and sometimes, the drop was too much to take in. The good thing for anyone going through this is that the fall may be brutal, leaving you sore… Continue reading A Case of Self-Love Deficit


There is something about books . . .

There is something about books. There is something about beautiful stories that stay with you days after you've read the last page and put the book down. There is something in your soul that awakens when it recognizes you in a character, or in the author's own struggles. There are moments when they validate your own… Continue reading There is something about books . . .