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Comfortable in Your Own Skin

Photo source: lightstargod, Pixabay

William Paul Young, author of The Shack, revealed during his interview with Oprah that after hitting rock bottom, there had been a point when he had to juggle three jobs. And he was content. And the novel was written not as part of his “therapeutic process,” but during a point in his life when he was finally comfortable in his own skin.

Something within me lit up when I heard his answer.

I think it’s a beautiful gift–to be comfortable in one’s own skin–even during difficult times. Even when our dreams have crumbled and we’re still clawing our way out of the pit. Even when we are not where we hoped we would be.

I think it’s a gift I wish to give to myself.

So here I am, learning to be grateful for each thing that comes my way.  Gracefully letting go of what I don’t have, or may never have, while remaining thankful for what I am being given.

I also began checking articles online on how to be more of who I already am. And here are three articles I loved and my key takeaway from each.

Here’s hoping someday we all get to that place where we are finally able to accept ourselves fully, unconditionally. 🙂

20a5f766946705176245857c35d514e1--love-yourself-bitPhoto from this link



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