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The elusive life purpose

Background photo source: Free-Photos, Pixabay

I spent countless hours searching for my life purpose, like it was something hidden far away, something SO DIFFICULT to find.

I thought it would be found solely by serving a Higher Power, or others. And for a while, I did exactly that.

Still, it felt empty. Something HUGE was missing.

It was only perhaps a month ago, while I was “wasting time” watching a Korean drama that it finally occurred to me: I just have to find/uncover myself, love myself unconditionally and allow that love to shine through and spread, nurture my gifts, follow my joy.

That’s it. It was so simple, so uncomplicated, that it seemed impossible to be the answer to such a life-defining question.

I then came across a post by Kris Carr’s post, “The myth of finding your purpose.” I am tempted to quote her entire blog post, but here’s my favorite part:

I’ve met brilliant and effective activists who.jpg

Original image source: WorldEnglish, Pixabay

As I continue to spend my downtimes reading blogs, listening to music, watching movies and anime, and reading books, I can’t help but wonder: Did these writers, directors, actors, artists know that their work can inspire another soul so much so it will help her start over and find her own voice?

Perhaps they did hope it would inspire another. Or perhaps they were just doing what made them happy, and if it touches other people’s lives, then that’s a wonderful bonus.

I finally understood that anything, anything can be a way to help another. So we can simply celebrate our gifts, grow, shine our light. And let the Universe, a Higher Being, God–whatever you may call Him/Her–choose you and your work to help uncover the light in another.




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