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Exploring and being still

When I began this blog, I had this intention of traveling all over the country, and the planet even, and writing about my adventures.

Well, life happened, and it may take a while before I can pursue such a dream.

So I’m reimagining this.

I will still be a sort of traveler, an explorer, of anything that’s close to home. I will explore whatever’s around my neighborhood, and places I can visit just by walking or taking a ride or two.


I agree with Primrose, the main character in the Newberry Honor book Everything on a Waffle by Polly Horvath. At times, the most important, the best things, happen to us in small places, during ordinary days, with ordinary individuals who truly love and care about us.

The above quote also reminded me of a TED talk by author and travel writer Pico Iyer. In his talk entitled The Art of Stillness (he also has a book of the same title), Pico Iyer explained the need for doing nothing amidst our busy schedules, and how such stillness increases our appreciation of new places and those that we already have around us.

And perhaps these are the new experiments I will be including in my routine: a time to explore and a time to be still; a time to search and a time to just be.



(Original background photo source: skeeze, Pixabay)


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