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Exploring Manila’s Intramuros

Walking along the streets of Intramuros and seeing several well-preserved houses, churces, and government buildings is an experience in itself. A few areas, however, can only be explored for a fee. But last September, an Intramuros Open House was held as part of National Tourism Week, and entrance fees for Fort Santiago, Casa Manila, and… Continue reading Exploring Manila’s Intramuros

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Personal finance and an inner sense of abundance and worth

When I began reading books on finances, every so often I would encounter the concept of abundance and self-worth, and their link to building wealth. For many, the struggle does not lie in developing new skills, because they are good at what they do. It does not lie in earning more, because they do earn… Continue reading Personal finance and an inner sense of abundance and worth

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Manila’s public vehicles going green

Lately, I have been seeing a few e-jeepneys (or electric jeepneys) plying the Cubao-Marikina route. In Binondo, I have also seen several units of e-tricycles. It was exciting to see Metro Manila gradually, but continuously, shifting toward more sustainable practices. The new e-jeepneys I saw did not have the same colorful exterior as the traditional… Continue reading Manila’s public vehicles going green

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Retirement: How much to save and where; Philippine PERA Law

Months ago, I read about James Altucher's advice on improving 1% each day on key areas of your life. Since I wanted to increase my financial literacy, I decided to do a weekly post on the topic. (I tried doing it daily, but it was just too much to add to my to-do list.) I… Continue reading Retirement: How much to save and where; Philippine PERA Law

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I toured my neighborhood and found … the longest-running gallery in the country

"One of the first things you learn when you travel is that nowhere is magical unless you can bring the right eyes to it." ~ Pico Iyer Despite my being ____, life doesn't end in a period.  This week's discovery is an art exhibit on mental health entitled, "Despite my being ____, life doesn't end… Continue reading I toured my neighborhood and found … the longest-running gallery in the country

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Finance: Exploring Stock Market Investing

I used to think of the stock market as this huge, messy, difficult topic. Well, I still do. But I no longer feared the topic as much as I used to. I began reading books, particularly Bo Sanchez's The Turtle Always Wins, where he discussed the strategic averaging method. I also listened to my friend… Continue reading Finance: Exploring Stock Market Investing

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Exploring and being still

When I began this blog, I had this intention of traveling all over the country, and the planet even, and writing about my adventures. Well, life happened, and it may take a while before I can pursue such a dream. So I'm reimagining this. I will still be a sort of traveler, an explorer, of… Continue reading Exploring and being still

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Starting over late in life

Photo source: Wetmount, Pixabay I continue to be amazed and draw strength from stories of individuals who are forced to start over just when they thought life is going as they had planned. Or to find meaning in their lives even during their twilight years.  So I'm coming up with this list. Some of these… Continue reading Starting over late in life

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Takeaways from Stories (Movies, TV series)

Photo source: TiaLife (Pixabay) As with fiction books, I have come to value movies and TV series not merely for their entertainment value, but as another way of sharing real-life stories and messages. We resonate with the characters because we can empathize with them. We've felt their hurt, their joy, and witnessed some of their… Continue reading Takeaways from Stories (Movies, TV series)

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Following Intuition

I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts, Lewis Howes' The School of Greatness. The talk was "You Already Have the Answer." Prior to this, I was beginning to craft my plans for my next career move(s). People kept saying, "Follow you passion." But my passion for what I used to love is gone. Thing is,… Continue reading Following Intuition